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December TOP: Festive tops + Vampires

Happy holidays from Top to BOTM!

This month, we're reading Crimson Christmas by Kathy Griffith, a short, holiday themed romance with vampires working in an Victorian themed Christmas village! How cute is that?? This modern day romance seems sweet, wintery and how can you go wrong with vampires?

Don't answer that.

Link to the book below!

BOTM Pick:

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Arthur Middlesworth hasn’t really had a proper Victorian Christmas for almost 150 years, but a vampire isn’t supposed to love Christmas. Poor Arthur really doesn’t feel worthy of the name, though--until his faithful Renfield finds him a part-time job in a Christmas village, and also gives him hope for love with one of his own kind.

Ciaran Cosgrove ambles through his undead life, taking what he wants, what he needs, and ignoring the fact that what he really needs is love. His handler, the manager of a Christmas village, hires a gentleman that might just fill the bill, but he doesn’t hold out much hope. Hope is for humans.

We’ll just have to see about that.

Side Banana:

Yeah, we're kind of cheating on this one, but hey man.

Holidays are stressful.

For our Side Banana this month, we're giving you permission to re-watch Good Omens for the billionth time. Since the month of December is going to have us so busy, we thought hey--why not spend a slice of it with some of our favorite celestial messes.

Fresh Banana:

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Return to the sensuous world of Romeo and Juliet to discover the story of Mercutio, Verona’s most flamboyant citizen! Prancing on the sidelines of the bitter feud between the Houses of Montecchi and Capuleti, Mercutio harbours his own secret conflict: he is hopelessly in love with his best friend, Romeo Montecchi. When he spies true love blossoming between Romeo and a young Capuleti girl one fateful summer’s eve, Mercutio fears he has finally lost the man he loves, forever. Turning to drink, drugs and ever wilder escapades in an effort to ease his aching heart, Mercutio starts to come off the rails, hurtling towards his own spectacular fate …

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