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September TOP w/ Charlie Cochet!

We had the opportunity to speak with the lovely and sweet Charlie Cochet about her new series, writing, the THIRDS and more!

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C.S. Joyce -- author of contemporary m/m romance!

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Adam: Success can mean a lot of things. To me it meant living a lie and getting away with it. But pretending is exhausting. My sister’s wedding in Italy was exactly what I needed. A week on the Amalfi coast with sunshine, wine, and zero complications. Too bad the universe saw an opportunity to ruin that plan. Because what could be more complicated than the arrival of an attractive man who sees right through my act? One that is determined to remind me that you can’t hide who you really are. What if he tells people my secret? Or, worse still, what if I can’t control these feelings. Because right now I’m feeling all sorts of things – fear, anger, lust… No, I need to keep this thing under control. I can’t give in. But what if, just once, I didn’t fight it?

Jacob: After a series of bad decisions, running away to Italy seemed like the perfect escape. A fresh start in a new country. Nothing, and no one would bring me back to Ireland. When I meet Adam at my friend’s wedding, I’m captivated. There’s something about this rugged stranger that makes me forget that I keep messing up every part of my life. I know it’s a bad idea and I know I’m playing with fire. But when anger turns to passion I know I can’t stay away. He can pretend all he wants but that man belongs in my bed. He might only be here for one week, but I intend to make the most of it. After all, I can’t ask him for more when I’m not sure I’ll stick around. But what if, this time, I didn’t run?

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