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Facebook Live Event!

May 27th: Pre-launch & OTP Party!

May 27th is my birthday, so we wanted to do something special. In honor of me getting older and with Maz's Maddox's book launching the next day, we wanted to have a Facebook live event and invite everyone to come join us!

Link to event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/452145861870652/

We'll be chatting about Maz's new release Heartache & Hoofbeats, a western, centaur shifter, m/m romance that comes out May 28th. Pre-orders of the book are live!! Click on the cover to go to Amazon. :D

Heartache & Hoofbeats by Maz Maddox


Like all centaur shifters, Sheriff Calhoun is the epitome of honor. He protects his small town of Stallion Ridge and its people from any threat large or small.

When word comes in that the notorious Iron Bandits are making a play for a train in his territory he’s both livid and invigorated. If anyone can bring these thieves to justice it’s him and his crew.

What he did not expect was having a charming, whiskey-eyed outlaw dumped in his lap that challenged everything he thought he knew.

We're not just celebrating the book release, but also our love for OTPs (one true pairing) of our favorite male couples. Who are your favorite pairings? This includes anything in books, movies, comics, games and more. We plan on having wine, so pour yourself something nice and come relax with us.

We'll most likely be doing giveaways and being silly, so please come join us!!


We do not use your info for anything other than newsletters and giveaways!!

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