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February BOTM!

In our BOTM episode we chat about how much we adored our BOTM pick and Jess gets to experience the anime Yuri on Ice for the first time!

Side note, there might be a random harp sound during when we're talking about Markie's dog. It somehow snuck in there during editing. Sorry! <3

Our BOTM pick this month:

Guns n' Boys: He is Poison by K.A. Merikan.

WE SPOIL THINGS ABOUT THIS BOOK!! Just a friendly heads up.

We got to chat with the author team at the beginning of the month, which you can check out here.

Jess also wanted me to add a note apologizing for mispronouncing Dominco's name "a billion times".

In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics, and because Markie is a rabid fan, we also watched the anime Yuri on Ice! We watched the entire season and Jess gets to share her expectations, initial thoughts an ending feelings in segments.

WE ALSO SPOIL THINGS ABOUT THIS ANIME!! Don't listen unless you've watched it!

Coming up in March:

Joining us next month is the incredibly sweet and funny Joe Cosentino! Make sure to join in to listen to his awesome interview.

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