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Slow Week for Extra Reads

This week has been a little different for me. Usually I'm able to get through a couple books a week to review, but I'm actually in the process of finishing up a new draft of a book I'm writing!

Exciting, right?

So, when I say it's a slow week, it's not because there isn't tons of amazing books to read. It's because I've been slacking. Forgive me!!

I'll make sure to share a little more when the timing is right, but until then here are some fun stuff I dabbled in between writing.

Loser Takes All by Kora Knight

Kora Knight, the author of Krie Captivity and Zercy, had a take over recently on Facebook. She was on Joz's Buxsom Bombshells, a group run by author Joz Maxel. While I was there enjoying their fun and games, I won an ebook copy of Knight's Up-Ending Tad series volumes 1-3. Last night after finally hanging up my tired writing cap, I crawled into the covers and read the first of the series.

Man. Does Kora know how to write some intense sex. In this story, Tad is forced to head over to a stranger's pleasure dungeon to endure a flogging. Needless to say, the poor guy has no idea what he's up against until the fun begins. Tad goes from thinking he's being tortured to begging for more, and I read the whole thing in a blink of an eye.


That was fun.

A short, erotic story with lots of sexual build up and a fantastic release. All three volumes are $1. Go do.

Domenico Flash Fiction on K.A. Merikan's Patreon

Jess actually dived into this after finishing our BOTM pick Guns n' Boys: He is Poison recently. She messaged me giggling about a flash fiction of Dom eating ice cream that apparently cannot be missed. I'm going to go find it this afternoon and read through it so I can join her in the fun.

If you've finished our BOTM pick and need more Dom and Seth in your life, go read the series. THEN go toss Kat and Agnes a couple bucks and grab more fun fiction!

Gaydorado android game

Essentially this game is a mix between fighting and...fashion? I was pretty confused pretty fast, because I wasn't able to keep up with what it was the game was walking me through during the tutorial levels. Just as I started to think I was going to uninstall it, a very pretty piece of artwork covered my screen of a very hot guy posing and licking his lips.

Oh. Ok. I guess I'll play a little longer then. >_>

The art in this is fun, the story is a bit...strange, but it's fast pace as hell and full of things to do. I will say I'm still not 100% sure I get what's going on, but it's a good time waster.

Sorry this blog post wasn't more exciting! We're lining up our picks for the next couple months and trying to get more authors onto the show.

We have some fun ideas in the works so definitely. Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for your support. We'll have our BOTM episode up at the end of the month. See you then!

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