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Extra Reads + Giveaway Winner

What's better than finding a dollar in your jeans?

Finding $25 Amazon dollars in a blanket.

Needless to say, I went a little bonkers and bought a bunch of books. Some of these books I had before the books deities smiled upon me, just for the record. While I didn't get to read as many as I would have liked, I still was able to get through a couple this week, so I figured I'd share.

The Beast Slayer by Rin Sparrow

A new twist on the classic Beowulf, The Beast Slayer by Rin Sparrow is an exciting story of fierce warriors, deadly monsters, and political unrest. Wulf is a warrior to the bone, living only to defeat evil and kill monsters. While claiming the head of his prize, Grendel, he comes face to face with the unexpected. Now the man must war over his inner demons while somehow stuck in the middle of a political storm he wants nothing to do with. Enough action to keep the pages turning, spiked with excellent spice and a touch of heartache. For those who love fantasy and classic good vs evil tales with warriors and demons, this is a great throwback to those stories.

Body & Soul by Lucy Lennox and Sloane Kennedy

As always, Lucy and Sloane never stop blowing me away with their stories. The gripping, sweet and wonderful story of Oz and Jake is another page turner that I simply couldn't put down. Oz is freaking hilarious in his prissiness which compliments Jake's manliness so perfectly it hurts. I adored their story and swallowed the book up quickly.

Body & Soul can be read by itself but it's honestly better if you read the other two first. I always love seeing how the other characters from the series are doing, and these authors always seem to give nods to their past characters. Awesome job again, ladies!

Heart 2 Heart Anthology

This collection of stories is based on using a dating app that matches opposites together. This is such a fun concept and the authors really had a great time running with it. I'm usually not super big into anthologies, but these stories have been pretty damn cute so far. We mentioned this anthology before on the podcast, but it's worth stating again that this collection also is for a good cause! Make sure you grab it and help out. <3

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