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Extra Reads - Magic, Murder & Alien Sex Slaves?

Along with the BOTMs we're reading this month, there's a couple books I've knocked out this past week or two that I really enjoyed and wanted to share.

Also, side note, we hit 70 likes on Facebook and I'm ridiculously over the moon about it! It amazes me each day that people seem to be enjoying our little podcast. We'd love to hear recommendations of what we should read next for our BOTM picks, or which authors/guests we should have on. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Playing the Fool Book Series by Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock

Imagine a very straight laced, grizzled, hard FBI detective who is married to the job and is trying to ween himself off caffeine, who suddenly gets his world turned on its head by a dashing, smart-ass con man who's more than he seems.

That's the story of Mac and Henry.

This series has been out a little while, but I recently snagged the first one, Gentlemen of Altona, on a whim. I ended up reading all of the 3 book series in about three days. It's hilarious, deep, and the characters are rich and fantastic. All three books are exciting, mysterious and sexy. I really loved them. It made me forget how much I enjoyed snarky FBI agents, because apparently I have a thing for those.

What made me really fall for the series, besides the great humor which is always a selling point for me, was the story didn't pull punches when it came to how hard it was for Henry to survive, and how Mac was constantly warring with his logical side about his attraction to Henry. In a well done "enemy-to-lovers" story, Henry goes from his cocky, annoying, charming ass to a flawed, broken man who hides it all behind a smile and a joke. Poor Mac just wants to do his job and eventually wants nothing more than to make Henry safe, but the guy is flighty and terrified. I really fell for these characters and their relationship and I'm sad the series was only 3 books. It ended great and the ride was so much fun, that I highly recommend the series.

Ruby: Lost and Found by M.D. Grimm

So, I recently started writing reviews for Queer Sci-Fi, and I wanted to share a blurb from my review because I really liked this book. It's a high fantasy tale with lots of amazing world building, humor and heart.

When you’re the seventh son of the seventh son, and all signs point to your future being a disaster, you either fight the inevitable or embrace being the villain. Morgoth is a man who decided to do the latter. A fierce mage with the skill to go with his magical prowess, the man loves the title of being a bad guy and hides himself away in a giant castle guarded by beasts when he’s not visiting earth for some sightseeing and fun.

When a rogue brute steals one of the powerful stones that harness magic and begins destroying the neighboring Happy Valley, Morgoth has to step in to put the wannabe mage into his place and comes face to face with a tribeless man named Aishe. Aishe is honor-bound to kill the man who killed his family, which happens to be the same jerk who’s destroying Happy Valley. Morgoth and Aishe have to team up to take the maniac down before he destroys everything in his path.

You can read my full Queer Sci-Fi review here.

Krie Captivity by Kora Knight

This is the next one I'm charged to read for Queer Sci-Fi and I'm excited. I'm about 50% through it now, and holy hell is it sexy. The book is only about 200 pages, so it's a fast, fun read so far. The Krie are hot and vicious, and the world building has been damn fun. Once I finish up I'll write a full review and make sure to share it, but in the mean time I'll post the blurb.


Nira. Astrum Industries’ newest charted planet. Freshly discovered. Wholly unexplored. But that won’t be the case for long. Led by Captain Alec Hamlin, a team of explorers make an emergency landing and are soon confronted by their first Niran native. A huge male Kríe packed with muscle, bearing small, black horns and fangs. Fortunately, he’s friendly. Or so he lets them believe. With the help of his pack, the Kríe takes Alec’s team captive, intending to sell them for profit. But these Nirans aren’t just shrewd, they’re arrogant and domineering. And most of all, extremely sexual. Which explains why, on their journey to peddle their new wares, they feed Alec’s team a powerful aphrodisiac. Nothing like some decadent entertainment on the side. Soon the team finds themselves feverishly trying to resist the growing urge to mount their seductive captors. But as passion prevails and unexpected bonds form, so much more is suddenly at stake. With no time left, will a shift in Kríe perspective be enough to change the fate of Alec’s team?

Yeah, I'm in.

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