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December BOTM: Desperately Seeking Santa

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Top to BOTM!

Our BOTM Book:

Desperately Seeking Santa by Eli Easton

Markie and Jessica both enjoyed the book and had a great time reading it. Make sure to listen to the episode to hear all of their thoughts.

This episode is a "stocking stuffer", which is a perfect size for the holiday. Enjoy our little bit of silliness to help make your Christmas awesome.

Thanks to everyone who listens to our little show. It means the world to us!

Extra Reads:

Saving Sebastian by Luna David

This book has been recommended highly within the community and I was not disappointed. This book is a contemporary BDSM themed romance with elements of cool Black Ops, Navel SEAL action and overcoming physical and mental disorders. Much in the way I've discussed Sloane Kennedey and Lucy Lennox push the barriers of tackling tough topics like mental illness and self esteem issues, David did a fantastic job weaving that into the story to really add to the dynamic between the two characters.

Since this is a BDSM book, the power play between Dom Gideon and Sub Sebastian is sexy as hell, but also extremely interesting.

I definately plan on reading more of David's work in the future and continuing the series!

Stone Sentinel (Beautiful Monsters 3.5 Novella) by Jex Lane

This book was such a surprise!! From Jet's point of view, Sam gets Terrick to travel with her to save Christmas from Krampas. As always, Jex's amazing sense of humor is fantastic throughout, making the story fun and hilarious.

If you're a fan of the BeMo universe, we highly recommend picking this little novella up. It's perfect for the holidays.

Markie also talks about more books she's read in a previous blog post here.

2017 was a great year for us and for m/m romance. We hope it's been a great year for you too!

Next month we are excited to announce that the amazing Ella Frank is going to be joining us to talk about her Temptation Series!

Make sure to join us New Years Day to hear more!

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