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Extra Reads:

I got a little time to knock out some books that just launched as well as some backlogs!

On Your Knees, Prospect by K.A. Merikan

I'm so happy this book finally came out! I had been waiting forever to continue the story with the Kings of Hell MC crew. This book is the 3rd installment of a series that starts with Laurent and the Beast, and I recommend reading this series in order. Since there's only three books out right now, it's easy to dive into and enjoy.

I love Merikan's universe and lore, and enjoy the spin they put on demons and ancient evil. The gang lives in an old, haunted mansion that was home to a vicious serial killer once upon a time, but is now controlled by a demon. This demon has his hands in all of their lives, and seems to control their fates for better or worse. In this particular story, Jake, the youngest prospect of the gang, has to put up with a new addition that is encroaching on his prospect territories. Vars, a man running from heartache and death at the hands of his insane, assassin ex, is the newest prospect of the Kings of Hell, as well as their accountant. The chemistry between the naturally submissive yet prideful Jake and the stubborn dom Vars is fantastic and intense. I couldn't put this book down. As always, Merikan doesn't mind getting their characters in the dirt, both emotionally and physically, and I was biting my nails as the action kept the spicy story moving quickly.

Great stuff! Very sexy, fun, and intense!

Tease by Ella Frank

I'm working on getting through this series to be ready for the last installment happening in January. I don't think my heart is going to be able to take saying goodbye to Tate and Logan, as I've become very attached. Tease takes place four years after the events of the 3rd book, and the couple have found themselves swept up in bustling careers and life. Trying to find time for each other and reconnect, the story has been making me swoon with how they're coming closer to each other after feeling like they've drifted apart. I love it and I love them.

Also, seeing Logan playing with little kids is probably the most heart melting thing I've ever read.

Vampire Claus by Robert Winter

I adore tragic vampire heroes that are classic Rice style souls battling internal demons. Taviano begins the tale with remembering his days in the church, his past love leaving him tragically and how much he missed the celebration of Christmas while struggling with the evil inside himself. Instantly I felt drawn in and willing to follow this guy into the story. The vampire rules in this universe are more of a literal demon being inside of a person instead of a metaphorical one, which I thought was pretty cool. Paul is a hilarious contrast to Traviano's solemn character by being a bright ray of sunshine, wanting to bring toys to the kids in the local LGBTQ shelter. Once Paul starts awkwardly flirting with the century old Italian vampire, I couldn't stop my smile. This story is fun, sexy as hell and very full for a novella. It definitely boosted my holiday spirit!


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