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November Top with Gail Carriger!

BOTM Picks for November:

We're doing three books this month, all by the wonderful Gail Carriger!

Romancing to Werewolf

Sumage Solution + Marine Biology

Click on the pictures to snag a copy on Amazon/visit Gail's website!

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To win a copy of either Sumage Solution or Romancing the Werewolf, subscribe to our website. We'll pick a winner 11/13 and send someone an ebook of either title!

Good luck!

Thank you guys for your continuing support of the podcast! I know that the audio of this episode is not the best, because I (Markie) sounds pretty far away. We are in the process of getting some new equipment and a better mixer to help with the fluctuation of the sound quality.

We pay for the the podcast ourselves, so it's slow going on getting all the nice shiny stuff that makes us sound professional and not like two chicks hanging out in Jessica's office.

If you'd like to help out, we did start a Pateron page with a bunch of different reward tiers starting at $1. :D

Upcoming Titles for November:

Lots of stuff coming out this month. Check out the Master List.

Romancing the Werewolf (Supernatural Society #2) Gail Carriger 11/05

Lace-Covered Compromise Silvia Violet 11/06 (manties lol)

Citywide (Five Boroughs #5.5) Santino Hassell 11/13

Fence #1 comic C.S. Pacat & Johanna the Mad 11/15

Consumption of Magic (Tales from Verania #3) TJ Klune 11/20

All of the Above Quinn Anderson 11/20

Tried & True (THIRDS #10) Charlie Cochet 11/24

Authors and Reviewers Gail talked about:

Joyfully Jay MM Romance Blogger

Alexis Hall

Mary Calmes

A.E. Wasp

Rachel Bach (Hetero Romance/Sci-fi)

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