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BOTM: Merrick and GRL ramblings!

These show notes are going to be longer than normal, mainly because we have lots to cover!

And yes, there are many pictures.

GRL Ramblings:

Carter Dane, Alex Mecum, (Markie in the middle) Taylor Reign

Thursday Night:

First night there was the after party with the extremely talented actors, producer and photographer of the Cocky Boys.

Cocky Boys were amazing and incredibly sweet. They had a fantastic Q&A, hung out with us and had a photo session with the GRL goers!

(Side note, I mix up RJ and Jake in the episode, so please forgive my dumbass self.)

Plus they sold some merch and everyone signed whatever you bought. Also, Liam Riley showed up at the end and signed my calendar as well! He's the cute guy on the cover of the calendar to the far left. He was adorable.

Follow them on Twitter:

@RJ_SebastianNYC -- RJ Sebastian

@cockyboys - Jake Jaxon

@alex_mecum -- Alex Mecum

@_CARTERDANE -- Carter Dane

@taylorREIGNXXX -- Taylor Reign

@liamrileycb -- Liam Riley

Friday was full of panels and author Q&As. I couldn’t make all of them I wanted, but I was able to snag a few!


“In the Shadows: Trauma and Mental Illness in Romance”

Authors: JR Barten, JK Hogan, Sloane Kennedy

  • A very informative panel talking about trigger warnings in works of fiction and the importance of including disabilities in books to help people know they’re not alone. Very eye opening.


“Queer Sci-fi Romance: Negotiating the Line Between Sci-fi ad Romance”

Authors: Arshad Ahsanuddin, J. Scott Coatsworth, Rory ni Colieain

  • We discussed the woes of how epic sci-fis and romance often counteract each other and trying to find the line between them to navigate.


“B.A.D -- Build A Dom using your favorite troupes for fun”

Authors: KC Wells, Chris Owen, LM Somerton

  • This was so much fun. There was a BDSM quiz to start and I was lucky enough to sit with a lot of fabulous ladies who knew all the answers. I won Silk by KC Wells! We then discussed likes/dislikes in a Dom, favorite troupes, etc. Great panel!

Author Q&A:

Abigail Roux, TA Chase, JC Owens

  • Lots of good questions asked by the audience, including favorite vilian written, favorite character, which series would make the best action movies, etc. Always fun to get inside author’s heads and pick their brains!

I also got to have dinner with JP Kenwood, author of the Dominus Series which I adore. I've been wanting to chat with JP for some time now, and we're going to have to get her on the show soon. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading her work, I highly recommend it!

Thanks again for the great company, JP!

Saturday was the massive book signing!!

Every single author who attended GRL has set up for book signings, gave away swag and took pictures with fans. While I was too chick shit to get pictures with everyone, I did get all my books signed and got a picture with Abigail Roux. Roux was one of the first m/m romance authors I fell in love with, so it meant a lot that I got to meet her.

TJ Klune talked with me about the fun of listening to spicy audio books with the windows down, I got to have Sloane and Lucy use my book signing to one-up each other, chatted with Charlie Cochet about how adorable Cavlin and Hobbs are as well as snag these AMAZING CHARACTER CARDS (picture below), and met the fantastic and beautiful A.E. Via, C.S. Poe, Shira Anthony (who drew a merman fin in my book), the lovable Rhys Ford and Mistress K.C. Wells.

I cannot express how amazing GRL was and I cannot wait to go again next year!!

Books obtained during GRL:

  • Cut & Run Abigail Roux

  • Lightning Struck Heart TJ Klune

  • Catch a Tiger by the Tail Charlie Cochet

  • Protecting Elliot Sloane Kennedy

  • Retribution Sloane Kennedy

  • Safe & Sound Sloane Kennedy & Lucy Lennox

  • Prophesy A.E. Via

  • Stealing the Wind Shira Anthony

  • Hanging the Stars Rhys Ford

  • The Mystery of Nevermore C.S. Poe

  • Silk K.C. Wells

BOTM: Merrick by Claire Cray

A fantastic, wonderful blend of Anne Rice style internal struggle with the internal monsters within the vampire soul. The characters are easy to fall in love with and the story is captivating. Merrick is a full, dark and mysterious character, William is a delightful mess and Theo...oh Theo is so bratty and fun.

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