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Top to BOTM Podcast is a bi-monthly, all-inclusive male/male (m/m) romance podcast that covers new releases, industry news, comics, manga, yaoi, video games ... anything regarding our favorite genre! 


We're not just a podcast, but a book club as well. "BOTM" stands for Book Of The Month! Each month, we'll pick a book to read and discuss on social media and on the podcast. If you have a good book recommendation, don't hesitate to pass it along. 

Your lovely hosts


Top to BOTM is hosted by two crazy women from Texas. They had a brilliant (and insane) idea to record their ramblings about one of their favorite subjects: m/m romance! 

They are definitely not experts in any regard, but hope you have fun joining in on their ramblings of all things boy love.  



  • A long time m/m romance junkie, when she’s not reading novels and yaoi, she’s writing and “shipping” hot cops who work across the street from her office building. She’s not just in love with all things m/m, but also a video game nerd, a dinosaur and paleontology enthusiast, and science education supporter and activist.

  • An all around book nerd who is newish to the m/m genre and loving it. Other interests include gaming (video, tabletop, board, card, etc,) Halloween, space science and science education/advocacy, cooking, and hanging out with her adorable significant other and cat (2 separate entities, though the cat is cute af.)

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